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Training - Talend - Foundation Course

Talend Foundation Course

The course is designated for users of Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite. The participants acquire the necessary knowledge to handle the tool extensively.

You will be introduced in the tool and then you will have the possibility to gain practical experience.

Duration: 3 days 

Public Training (1 person):

  € 1.400

On Site Course:

  € 4.400

Offered as:

  • Public training (at least 4 participants)
  • On Site (private training for your company, group size maximum 8 people)



Training Location Date    
Talend Foundation Course Wien Wed-Fri 13. - 15.04.2011  
Talend Foundation Course Wien Tue-Thu 12. - 14.07.2011  
Talend Foundation Course Wien Mon-Wed 10. - 12.10.2011  

Talend Foundation Course - details


Talend is the real open source solution for Data integration. Talend is competitive with the market leading proprietary solutions. The tools which are rich in features and which are based on open source technology, provide the users with solutions for a wide field of topics: Supply of data warehouses, synchronization of databases, use of web services, transformation of various file formats (XML, VSAM, CSV, fixed record length, etc.)

During the 3-day course we will work on the latest case studies. The participants will obtain a basic knowledge of Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite.

Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite - basic users

course goals Managing the tool and its environment  
  Developing models  
  Mastering the components library  
  Developing jobs  
  Debugging and distributing jobs  
Target group Project manager  
  System engineers and DBAs  
requirements none  


1. Overview ETL: Overview of proprietary and open source tools.
  Operational and business intelligence Data integration
  Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite
2. Modelling and documentation Use of the Business Modeller
  Management of documentation and versions management
  Management of the model and Implementation of tasks
3. Job execution: Files and databases generating records with tGenRow
  Understanding diagrams and meta data
  Mastering the access to files (XML, fixed record length, CSV, etc.)
  Mastering the access to databases (nativ, ODBC-access, etc.)
  Using the component Mapper and transforming data
  Look up of single, multiple and complex references
  Multiple use of code
4. Linking of components Working with Before/After/First/Last triggers
  Use of linking with conditions
  Use of Iteration
  Managing of errors: running with IfOk, IfError
5. Providing of Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite Adapting of one component using tPerlFlex
  Creating a simple component
6. Debugging, distributing and optimizing Simple debugging with tLogRow
  Using the strategic mode
  Executing step-by-step: the Trace Mode
  Using the internal debugger
  Understanding the context of the execution
  Optimizing jobs (routines and code snippets)
7. Participating in the Talend Community Using Community Tools (Forum, BugTracker)
  Exchange with community members
8. Your specific questions will be used as examples in the course

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