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Talend - Open Source Data Integration


comSID is Platinum-Partner of Talend. Our product range consists amongst others of innovative, optimized ETL solutions. For this purpose Talend is the optimal choice. We are certified partner of Talend and arrange trainings for our customers as well as for Talend.

Data Integration (ETL)

Data Integration: this is the combination and transformation of multiple data in an entire IT-infrastructure.

Data integration consists of three steps:

  1. Extracting (reading) data from multiple data sources (databases, files, web services, applications, emails etc.) 
  2. The read data is transformed (calculations, joins, elimination of double records etc.)
  3. The read and transformed data is loaded into the target system.

For this three-stage processes, the term ETL is commonly used. ETL means "Extract, Transform, Load".

Talend Open Studio

With Talend Open Studio (TOS),  Talend offers an Open Source Data Integration Software, which is unmatched.

Talend Open Studio is the ideal solution for any kind of data integration and for any kind of business, be it small or big.

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Talend Downloads

Download now Talend Open Studio Software.