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RPG programming

RPG celebrated its 40th birthday in 2009. As a result of 40 long years some millions lines of code have been written - mainly in the domain of business applications. For this purpose RPG is very suitable. comSID is your specialist in the range of RPG-Programming.



comSID provides consulting and services for mid sized and major enterprises in all industries in order to optimize your operating processes. We determine optimal software solutions in close relationship with our customer as well as selection and purchase of compatible hardware.


Online-Backup- IBM i® - AS/400®

comSID offers online-backup solutions. The product WebAttachedBackup secures online IBM i Data as well as other data. In the computing centre CITA that posessess a high-security infrastructure the data is kept safe

The existence of companies depends on the availability of their data. In case of disasters, such as fire, floods and others, company information and business data must not be lost. The responsible people are personally liable for a lack of risk prevention.

Online backup solutions are a reliable and economical solution.

Data Integration

Data integration is the process of moving and combining of various data within and across of entire IT infrastructures so that information from various sources is brought together. comSID is certified Platinum-Partner of Talend and our product portfolio also includes innovative and optimized ETL-solutions.


Integration of mobile devices

Mobile data usage makes business processes faster and more efficient. Decision makers can easily access their up-to-date data independent of location. Salesmen as well as other members of staff are always well informed about the current status of clients and orders. With integration solutions of mobile devices of comSID you will always get all relevant information in the right place at the right time.


Business Intelligence - a prerequisite for for good decisions

The use of a Reporting- and Business Intelligence-Platform helps you to make the right operational and strategic decisions. Thus you get systematically evaluated and error-free data as a base of information at any time.

comSID is focusing on the Reporting- and Business Intelligence-Platform JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite.


Further services

comSID offers a wide range of IT-services. Without monthly fix costs the know-how of a network of specialists is at your disposal. This flexible service helps you to achieve your goals quickly and reliably. We provide support, inter alia, in the ranges of

  • High Availability
  • CMS-Systems
  • Linux Operating Systems

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