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Competitive advantages through enhanced efficiency

Realize competitive advantages with efficient processes.

Buying department, warehouse, production, order processing, and financial management - a clever IT solution can help you gain a clear competitive advantage: more efficiency, reduced costs, higher earnings?.

With comSID as your partner, you can streamline your enterprise resource planning to reliably attain your corporate goals. Get lean, robust and efficient software solutions designed to work with your IBM hardware.

  • Expand your enterprise resource planning system
  • Integrate standard software
  • Customized software development and programming
  • Consulting and project management
  • Introductory and ongoing training

From old to new

It doesn't always have to a be an entirely new solution: We can bring your existing enterprise resource planning system in RPG up to speed by adding modern technology.
The cost-saving combination of old and new will help you meet all demands - and be ahead of your competition!  

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