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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence - prerequisite for good decisions

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Success in business highly depends on making the right decisions.

Many departments have to make important and extensive decisions. It is important  that business data is always reliable and available at any time. The distribution of results should be easy and automatisation should be possible.

Not only your staff is going to use this platform but also your customers, your prospective customers, your partners and vendors.


How to make the right decisions?

The convenient solution for this task is the use of a Reporting-and Business Intelligence-Platform. Such a platform has

  • ETL-Tools (Extract-Transformation-Load) which prepare your essential data, distribute it and make it available.
  • Reporting Tools, which give you the possibility to create complex reports in a simple way.
  • Access and distribution Tools, which provide world-wide access and automatical distribution.
  • Analytic Tools with which you can analyse your data, e.g. per OLAP (Online-Analytical-Processing) via slice-and-dice, drill-down and chart functionality.

You have the possibility to evaluate your operative data precisely and directly. In the same way you can make the exact data available centrally als well as locally in Data-Warehouses and Data-Marts. You are supported by ETL-Tools.

Open Source Business Intelligence

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Until some time ago there existed only proprietary, serious Business Intelligence-Platforms. Only bigger companies could afford the costs of their purpose and support.

But now the situation has completely changed. The Open Source Segment is growing to a serious competitor. Small and medium companies have to gain competitive advantages.

Now they also have the possibility to integrate Intelligence-Platforms within reasonable costs. Even more - long established providers are getting more and more under pressure due to actual price and service structure.


comSID focuses on the Reporting- and Business Intelligence-Platform JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite.

It offers a big advantage to big and small companies.

comSID supports you regarding JasperSoft products in evaluation, planning and integration of your Reporting and Business Intelligence-Platform.

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